Research Research

1. Research Support Programme

a. Finding Information Resources in & Beyond UNISEL Library 

Introduces UNISEL Library as a whole including on how to access, retrieve and locating library resources through the Library OPAC/WebOPAC, eDocument and eQUIP, retrieve. Focus on selecting the information resources in and beyond UNISEL Library.

b. Hands on Online Databases and Free Access Journals

Guides for assisting with searching through the subscribed online database and the free access journals effectively.    

c. Managing & Citing Your Sources Using Mendeley 

Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research (Elsevier, 2018). Download the Mendeley Guide for step-by-step guide in using Mendeley 

d. Google Scholar for Research   

Advice to help you optimise use of Google Scholar and Google for your research and study.

e. Turnitin – for instructors (academician) only

Turnitin is an anti-plagiarism-tool that is used to detect plagiarism in student's work. Papers that are submitted to a Turnitin assignment will be checked against a large database of different sources.  Download the instruction for using Turnitin: -

Instructors User Manual 

Students User Manual

2. Library Instruction 

We are happy to collaborate with faculty members to custom-design library instruction to fit their needs and the needs of their students. Library instruction includes:-

a. Reference Service

b. Briefing and Orientation

c. Library tour


Support Support

3.  Interlibrary Loan & Intercampus Loan

Interlibrary Loan or ILL allows active students, faculty and staff to obtain library materials that is unavailable in UNISEL Library. While, Intercampus Loan allows active students, faculty and staff to request materials to be transferred between campus libraries. Request can be done by filling up the ILL & Intercampus Request Loan Form (Borang Permohonan Sistem Pembekalan Penerbitan (SPP) dan Pinjaman Antara Kampus (PAK)).

4.  Citing and Referencing Information

Why citation matters?

a. Gives credit to authors whose works you have used.

b. Provides a trail by which others can locate the materials you 

c. Provides evidence of your research

d. Shows the amount of research you've done.

e. Citing sources strengthens your work by
     lending outside support to your ideas.

f.  Properly citing materials is one strategy to help
     you avoid plagiarising.

Download the APA Formatting and Style Guide by UNISEL Library manual


Fill out the Research Support Programme Form to book a class, library orientation or a tour.


Need any help, please come to the library, send us an email or call us:-

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