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A space for the display of art, creative work and social interaction among users. Come and visit us @UNISEL Gallery, Chancellery Bestari Jaya Campus.
VisualArt Department (06 September 2019 - 03 January 2020)
‘Pindah' is a visual remark adapted from the feelings of the artists in their own ways with their own expertise. A telling of bittersweet stories about moving places. Visual language expression with iconographies and imagination from varieties of media such as painting, photography, two-dimensional prints, sculpture, three-dimensional installation, as well as new media such as video and etcetera. Paintings can be categorized into two types, commercial and non-commercial.
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Faculty of Education and Social Sciences (13 January 2020)

The gallery entitled "Exploring Transformation", which is in line with UNISEL's motto ‘Leader of Transformation'. As a faculty that produces future teachers and scholars. FESS always explores new methods in teaching and learning so that so that we are able produce graduates who are ready to face any challenge and transformation. The exhibition by FESS explores the arts from the members of faculty in three main fields; education, psychology and Islamic studies.

Feel free to view a E-Catalogue!!!