Periodical & theses Periodical & theses

  • Periodicals refer to publications that are published periodically, including newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, annual reports, newsletter, and bulletins.The Library subscribes to an essential number of serial publications in relevance to the discipline offered.Current periodicals: Housed in the Serials Room, Second Floor 2/F (BJ Campus) & Serials Section, Second Floor 2/F (SA Campus).Bound magazines and journals: Shelved at Reference Section, Ground Floor G/F (BJ Campus). In Shah Alam Campus, the back files shelved at Reference Section, 2/F.All periodical materials are for Library use only, and cannot be charged out.


  • Theses, Dissertation, Project Papers and Practical Training Reports.The Library serves as a repository for all theses, dissertation, project papers and practical training reports submitted by UNISEL students (with good grades).Housed in the Thesis Room, Second Floor 2/F (BJ Campus) and Theses Section, Second Floor 2/F (SA Campus).