Lost & Damage Lost & Damage

  • Borrowers will be held responsible for any lost, mutilation, damage or disfigurement of their loan items.
  • Lost/Damaged library materials shall remain properties of the University and Library users may not keep the damaged items after they have paid for their replacements.
  • If the cost of replacement cannot be verified (e.g. gift or out of print title), the Circulation Librarian reserves the right to determine the estimated price of the material.
  • If you lost a book, kindly report immediately to the library.
  • Borrower have to REPLACE lost/damaged item(s) by PURCHASING a copy of the latest edition, plus fines (if any) and paying a processing fee of RM10.00 for lost item; RM20.00 for damaged item.
  • However, if you are not able to provide the latest or the book is out of print, borrower is allowed to replace the lost book within the same subject.