Digital and Multimedia Digital and Multimedia

IT Spaces

The computer is available for users to do their assignment, research, browse internet and at the same time users can access to WebOPAC, e-journals, e-books and other online resources. 

  • Cyberway I is located at 2nd floor, Library Shah Alam Campus.  It contains 10 PCs available for user.
  • Cyberway II is located at 1st floor, Library Bestari Jaya Campus.  It contains 29 PCs (VDI-Virtual Dekstop Infrastructure) available for user.

Chill out room (cw III) is located 1st floor, Library Bestari Jaya Campus. It is one stop services are accompanied by an electric power socket so that user can recharge laptop or cell phone. Please use the socket wisely as it dangerous to misuse the connectors because you might get electrocuted.

Carrel Desks

This facility is provided for users who wish to have a quiet and individual study space. There are closed to the electric power socket so that users can use their own devices or gadgets.

Wireless connection

All part of library premises is wi-fi free and available for all users.