Core Values Core Values

Unisel Library support and delivers the broad values and principles that shape and reinforce the University's work, as outlined in the University's Mission Statement. In addition, the Library values are:
  • User-focused services.
  • The privacy of our users.
  • Encouraging student inquiry and scholarly research.
  • The library as learning organization.
  • Courteous, capable and responsive service.
  • Ease of access to information and services.
  • Being the vital part of the academic community.
  • The wise application of information technology.
  • Continuous improvement in the design and delivery of services and resources.
  • Active innovation and incorporation of academic library best practices.
  • Individual and team contribution from staff.
  • Professionalism and pride in our work (deliverables).
  • A commitment to our own growth and development.
  • A comfortable, quiet, calm, safe and clean library environment.