Open Space Area Open Space Area

General study

Library provides spacious and conducive environment for reading in each floor. The space for the reading area equipped with study tables and chairs.

Youth corner

A comfy area can be found at ground floor of the Library. Users may relax and loosen up in this area, or simply use it as a favorite corner. Users can take a break at youth corner while playing games provided by the library.

** Users are advised to leave library books on trolleys after usage. Please do not attempt to shelve these books. Shelving items in the wrong places will result in serious retrieval problems.

Lounge area

It is located at ground floor near the locker room.  The lounge area is the ideal place to eat and drink also socialize. It contains one vending machine and casual seating.

Chidren's corner

  • Special designed to help the children ages 3-12 in University community comprehend the world in which they live by providing suitable materials for them.
  • Located in BJ Campus, Ground Floor.