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About the LIBRARY


  • 1999 until 2003: Library operated in four (4) faculty  resource centre and the main office were located in Bangunan Kopeda, Seksyen 8, Shah Alam.

  • 26 Aug 2003: Centralization of all resource centers to Satellite Campus, Seksyen 7.

  • 15 Sept 2003: UNISEL Library opened in Satellite Campus, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam .

  • 7 Mar 2006: UNISEL Library starts its first operation in Bestari Jaya Campus.


  • UNISEL Library will be delivering a more user-focussed and technologically sophisticated library services, designed to meet the contemporary information needs of a University.


  • To provide the most effective university library service possible, in response to current and future users' needs.


  • Strengthening collection development. To ensure that information matches with needs.

  • Providing quality services that meet and exceed the expectations of a diverse user community.

  • Selecting, acquiring, organizing, preserving,  packaging and providing access to library materials and resources in a broad range of formats.

  • Teaching information retrieval and evaluating using current and emerging technologies.

  • Recognizing the importance of the library as place on a university campus with inviting, comfortable, secure and networked spaces for learning and research.

  • Ensuring quality service, consultation, and comprehensive reference services to students, faculties and clients.

  • Creating an environment conducive to learning and research.

  • Providing leadership in a variety of cooperative and reciprocal programs.

  • Creating a climate where staff are approachable and users receive individual attention and a positive learning experience.

  • Supporting professional development and training opportunities for library staff.

Core Values

Unisel Library support and delivers the broad values and principles that shape and reinforce the University's work, as outlined in the University's Mission Statement. In addition, the Library values are:

  • User-focused services.

  • The privacy of our users.

  • Encouraging student inquiry and scholarly research.

  • The library as learning organization.

  • Courteous, capable and responsive service.

  • Ease of access to information and services.

  • Being the vital part of the academic community.

  • The wise application of information technology.

  • Continuous improvement in the design and delivery of services and resources.

  • Active innovation and incorporation of academic library best practices.

  • Individual and team contribution from staff.

  • Professionalism and pride in our work (deliverables).

  • A commitment to our own growth and development.

  • A comfortable, quiet, calm, safe and clean library environment.

Quality policy

  • We promise to inculcate conducive working culture among our staff and deliver Quality services to our client in achieving University vision towards Being the Regional Industrial Learning University.

Client charter

  • We strive to achieve the Library Quality Philosophy in performing our responsibilities:

    * Provide and deliver the latest information in the most effective, fast and accurate
    *  Provide user friendly services.

  • Provide conducive learning environment together with the best library materials and facilities.

  • Provide quality, accurate, efficient and excellent library and information services.

  • Ensure that our client is being provided with the best library services with the circulation.

  • Develop and manage relevant, quality and latest library collections.

  • Ensures that all reference questions, comments and complaints are answered within 24 hours.

  • Provide conducive library environment and the best library services to cater our client needs.

  • Committed and positive towards any efforts that are able to contribute to the development and excellences of the library services.

Focus Area

UNISEL Library 5 Focus Areas

  •  To make UNISEL Library excellent, up to date and diversify information center.

  • Ensuring that the administration and financial affairs are proficiently carried out based on the given guide lines and procedures.

  • Upgrading the quality of obtaining materials for the library.

  • Increasing the number of library usages amongst university students and staff.

  • Providing and developing online information services including digital collection towards creating an electronic library.

Conduct Code


UNISEL Library supports the educational goals of Universiti Selangor by providing access to all forms of information to support study, teaching, research and the general pursuit of knowledge. In order to be successful in this mission, the Library and its community of users observe a relationship of reciprocal rights and responsibilities. While most users conduct themselves in a responsible manner, in the interest of protecting the rights of all Library users, it is necessary to define what constitutes infringements on the rights of others.

The UNISEL Library Conduct Code affirms a commitment to protecting an environment conducive to intellectual pursuits. Such an environment is characterized by:

- Respect for the rights of others
- Respect for the Library's resources
- Respect for appropriate conduct in a public forum

The Code ensures that users of UNISEL Library find themselves in an environment which will enable them to achieve their educational objectives.

The Code also acknowledges that the Library fulfills an important educational function in the University. Educational settings, unlike other public forums, require special considerations in defining violations, investigating allegations of violations, and imposing disciplinary action. This document affirms our commitment to address and resolve charges of misconduct in a speedy manner, while upholding the rights of due process.

UNISEL Library is committed to:

- Serving and being responsive to the needs and priorities of its users.
- Protecting each user's right to privacy and confidentiality in all of their interactions with the Library.
- Building collections that meet the learning, research and instructional needs of all users.
- Simplifying, enhancing and expanding access to information.
- Preserving the collections for present and future users.
- Providing Library spaces to accommodate study, research, and scholarly exchange.
- Keeping the physical environment of the Library clean, well-maintained, and properly functioning.


Users will refrain from engaging in behavior that leads to the denial of, or unreasonable interference with, the rights of others; or which disrupts the regular operations and activities of the Library. Behavior which is considered to be in violation of UNISEL Library Conduct Code includes, but is not limited to:
- Creating a disturbance or behaving in a manner which interferes with normal use of the Library (including rowdiness, noise, offensive interpersonal behavior, and the use of laptops and cellular phones in designated quiet study areas).
- Behaving in a strange manner and injured others privacy, such as 'peeping tom'.
- Removing or attempting to remove Library materials or property from the building without authorization.
- Damaging Library property (including mutilating Library materials by marking and / or underlining pages, tearing or cutting out pages or sections thereof, removing binding and staples, removing or tampering with security tags.
- Refusing to honor Library Circulation Policy regarding overdue items, materials recalled by the Library, and the payment of fines and/or fees for lost or damaged Library materials.
- Concealing Library materials in the building for the exclusive use of an individual or group.
- Leaving personal materials and library books that have not been checked out unattended in stacks and study areas for extended periods of time or overnight.
- Refusing to abide by regulations (as specified in UNISEL Library ICT Policy) guiding access to and use of computing and networking resources at Universiti Selangor, including UNISEL  Library.
- Failing to adhere to copyright laws and / or University policies on copyright.
- Eating or drinking in the building, except cafeteria.
- Being in an unauthorized area of the Library, or remaining in an area after its closing.
- Staying in the building when requested to leave during emergency situations or drills.
- Sharing a UNISEL ID, to alllow unauthorized users entrance to the library.
- Smoking anywhere in the building.

Violations of the UNISEL Library Conduct Code may be referred for disciplinary action under applicable Library and/or University disciplinary processes (Students Affair Department). Where appropriate, instances of misconduct may be referred to local, state or federal law enforcement officials.